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MgBalance is a comprehensive treatment technology capable of delivering large scale cost savings in the complex field of nutrient recovery and reuse.

MgBalance is uniquely positioned to address current and future nutrient recovery and reuse challenges. This custom tailored process system technology can be integrated without costly capital improvements, and is designed to obtain the highest quality outcome, while utilizing existing infrastructure. In addition, MgBalance can result in new or improved revenue generation, depending upon a number of factors. The focus is on balancing biosolids processing and potential reuse, and vastly improving nutrient treatment – delivering substantial cost savings in the transport, reuse, and/or disposal of final biosolids.

Utilizing a thorough, efficient, On-site Process Review, MgWater will establish a baseline and develop a plan for delivering the highest benefit to your bottom line. The MgBalance System incorporates extensive dialogue with operators, in-depth data collection, on-site testing and comprehensive in-depth analysis. To ensure optimal results, the MgBalance System incorporates quarterly efficiency testing to quantify ROI and calculate direct cost savings, over time. The program is designed to deliver exactly the information required to evaluate existing processes and achieve continuous operational and fiscal improvement.

For more information about MgBalance cloud based technology, please contact your regional area manager.

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